Washington, DC

417 H Street, NE

Next up in our quest for the best, Emily asks: “Who serves the best chai latte in DC?”

The early responses:

“Sidamo on H”

“La Coop Coffee’s chai latte is excellent.”

“ebenezer’s by union station makes a few variations, all delicious!”

“Tryst on 18th, Open City on Calvert, the Coupe”

“The Wyndown on 14th street or Tynan Coffee and tea on Columbia Heights!”

“Vigilante Coffee in Hyatsville (ditto on sidamo and la coop)”

“The Village in Union Market!!”

“Big Bear in Bloomingdale”

“The Coffee Bar at 12/S NW without a doubt”


“a Baked Joint on 5th and K NW without a doubt”


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