Washington, DC

I don’t often post two rentals of the day but I don’t often see bathrooms like this either. Thanks to J for sending:

“I know this falls outside of DC city limits, but I think you’ll enjoy this. I have found the wildest studio apartment listing. It is truly a marvel. For $1400, you can live in a 350sqft studio out in Clifton, VA without a separate bathroom. That’s right, your toilet and shower are just out in the open.

Even better is that they both face the front door (which has see through glass panels), so in a way it’s a toilet/shower with a view? Whose view is up for debate. But you might not want to have any guests over since without a living space, and maybe room for just a single or full bed against a wall, there may be some uncomfortable eye contact if someone needs to use the toilet. If it gets cold down there, since it looks like it might be some basement crawl space, don’t worry – there’s a single portable electric heater. And hey, at least all utilities are included? No pets, of course.”


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