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“A week-long celebration of all things dumplings!

Dumpling Week Monday 3/15 – Sunday 3/21

Chef/Owner Scott Drewno “dumplings equal joy”
Chef/Owner Danny Lee “the world needs dumplings”

Monday 3/15-We will kick it off with a $55 Dumpling tasting menu
The menu will include 7 orders of dumplings with different fillings, folds, and sauces. This menu will only be offered on Monday, March 15th. We will begin accepting pre-orders for the dumpling tasting menu on Tuesday, March 2nd. Below are the dumplings that will be offered.

Spring Vegetable, Garlicky Rice, Peas
Shrimp & Lobster Siu Mai,
Shrimp Wontons in Chili Oil
Classic Pork & Cabbage Potstickers
Pork & Kimchi Mandu
Cumin Lamb, Sichuan Broth,
Orange Chili Beef Dumplings

Tuesday 3/16
Guest Chef Victor Albisu from Taco Bamba will offer a collaboration dumpling:
Bamba Chori-Dumpling Chorizo, Shrimp Ginger, Garlic, Scallion, Black Vinegar-Salsa Matcha Dipping Sauce $10
Then two nights of Dumplings of the world
Wednesday 3/17
Cumin Lamb & Potato Samosa, Cilantro Chutney
Thursday 3/18
Potato Pierogies, Farmers Cheese, Caramelized Onions
Friday 3/19
Fire Dumpling-Sichuan Hot Chicken Dumplings
Saturday 3/20
Manduguk-Traditional Korean Dumpling Soup
Sunday 3/21
Deconstructed Dumplings- Stir-Fried Dumpling Dough Knots & Pork Dumpling Filling $10

Dumpling week will be available at all three local restaurants.

CHIKO Capitol Hill 423 8th St SE Washington DC 20003 (202)558-9934
CHIKO Dupont 2029 P St NW Washington DC 20036 (202)331-3040
CHIKO Bethesda 7280 Woodmont Ave Bethesda Md 20814 (301)968-0053

Please go to MyCHIKO.com to pre-order from any location”


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