Washington, DC

You are not alone, again.

Readers report: “How did the DC COVID website crash again!?!? Third day in a row”

Despite the frustration there’s still a chance if you don’t get in at first:

“Just keep refreshing the page don’t start over. I was able to sign up after 10 minutes of just hitting refresh each time I got a “service unavailable” page after clicking to the next page. It’s really frustrating though…”

“Yes – keep hitting refresh! I had totally given up after the site crashed a bunch and was on hold for 30 minutes then read this, hit refresh and it went through”

Update from DC Health: “Appointments that opened today are filled. More available for eligible residents in priority zip codes on March 4. Additional appointments for all DC residents 65+, those with a qualifying medical condition (18+), and/or members of an eligible workforce group on Friday, March 5.”

The frustration though:

“dc’s vaccine website struggles with all the incoming traffic”

“DC Vaccine registration site broke within 2 minutes this time. Even worse than the past two days. Doesn’t matter which browser you use.”

“5 minutes into opening vaccine availability and the site crashes and the phone is down. What the hell is going on”

“So, day three of attempting to get a vaccine appointment is going well. Whole website has crashed for everybody, I think.”


“tried to get a vaccine appt on mobile, chrome and chrome incognito, got an error message each time (and not able to register). 9:03 and 9:04”

“i want to scream”

“New issues. What is going on with your tech department? Totally unacceptable. And this is for priority zip codes for goodness sakes! And phone number not working”

“Trying to schedule a vaccine in DC is a joke. Website keeps giving error messages. Got through to call center, told to hold and then person hung up! FAIL!”


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