How often do you have mandatory “water shut-offs”?

Photo by Jim Havard

“Dear PoPville,

We absolutely love the Waterfront area and the experience in living in this part of DC has been very positive, however we are having very serious issues with our condominium association. When we moved we were aware the building does a mandatory “water shut-off” in weekdays once every 2 months, this lasts from 9am to about 3pm. We are ok with that, the majority of the time we’ve been at work and it has not affected us.

Fast forward to last year’s pandemic, for safety and health reasons these water shut-offs were temporarily cancelled (fine by us, we work from home now). However in these past few months, we have had multiple water shut-offs

and the latest three (3) shut-offs in the past month have been without or little warning the instance before we were notified via email at 7:53am on 12/23 that they were shutting off water to our building at 9am.

I’m just curious if this is a regular thing here in DC, we’ve lived in multiple large cities and have never experienced such frequent disruptions in service at any condo or apartment building. I’m would also like to ask if you know where I can file a formal complaint (DC health dep? DC water?)”

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