Washington, DC

not the car in question just a sweet city ride I passed on a recent walkabout

“Dear PoPville,

Online research has me going in circles and I can’t find anything quite this specific in the archives.

Basically, my parents (they live in Illinois) are graciously gifting me (I live in DC) their old car. I need some help in terms of the order of operations here: Do I have them transfer the title to me in Illinois (where I think the recipient needs an Illinois address….which I don’t have) and pay the applicable taxes associated with that and THEN have the title transferred from Illinois to DC? Or am I able to do both an ownership and location title transfer all within DC?

There appear to be nuances in Illinois about transferring cars amongst family members, but I’m curious if it’s even necessary to deal with an Illinois DMV.

This will be the first car I wholly own, so I’m a little fuzzy on all the details and vernacular. Of course, COVID complicates everything in terms of parking enforcement, DMV appointments, and so on, but I’d like to be as compliant as possible with my first car-baby.

Any insight or experiences would be greatly appreciated!”


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