Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

My friend and I were out walking today (Friday) and stopped at the corner of Vermont and U right around 4:45pm by Service Bar, and a guy rode by us on a bike and slapped my ass super hard – so hard at first I thought it may have been the bike handle, but it didn’t seem to send him off balance and he didn’t look back to apologize or indicate it was an accident. He rode off on Vermont going towards 9:30 Club. It shook me up for sure, definitely violating.

We saw him ride by again down U as we were standing there processing what happened – my friend yelled at him but obviously he kept going.

It’s so hard to know what to do in the moment, and it didn’t feel like chasing him was productive. I’ve lived at 11th and U for 6 years and only once really had something like that happen with someone trying to follow me into my building – that was much later in night, so this happening before sunset on a busy street definitely threw me off. No major descriptives other than he was a male, dark hair, wearing a dark jacket and had a sizeable black backpack on – but I figured it was worth sharing from a place of awareness, hopefully it wasn’t an encounter anyone else had today.


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