“The Schmaltz Brothers are ready to roll – we’re talkin’ a Food Truck offering a Hanukkah Menu”

From a press release:

The Schmaltz Brothers are ready to roll – we’re talkin’ a Food Truck offering a Hanukkah Menu starting Thursday, December 10, 2020, just in time for the holiday. Compatriots, Chap Gage of Susan Gage Caterers and Yehuda Malka, a graduate of rabbinical school, have “mobilized” their friendship into a partnership to “roll out” a new concept in Maryland and Washington, DC, by offering kosher friendly food on wheels.

You’ll have a great ride hopping around the menu from fried Matzah to a Kosher Burger. They have creatively tackled the limitations of cheese eaten with meat (the Torah says you must not eat a goat in its mother’s milk) and any pork item, as that is an obvious no-no! Top marks for ingenuity in concocting choices on the Hanukkah menu that will become the talk of the town!

You think ya going to love a toasty, golden challah ‘sandwiching’ a hearty grilled Angus beef patty with dairy-free cheese once in a while? That’s a Schmaltz Burger, adding Atomic Sauce, L.T.O and Kosher Pickles that will stack up to the high opinions around the DMV about who serves the best burgers. For your kosher chicken, no cutlets here, the pinnacle of Kosher cuisine is the Shwarma for this food truck. This one features Cauliflower Pulled Chicken served with Za’tar Hummus, Jalapeño Slaw with a serious kick, Cucumber-Tomato Salad, Pickles, Onion, Tzatziki and the soon-to-be legendary spicy sauce, Skhug Goddess Dressing – all nestled in a Toasted Pita. Bubbie’s BBQ Brisket is serving Jewish comfort food with serious love, giving traditional sandwich a playful makeover. The Brisket is coated in Carrot Jam and a sweet concord grape steak sauce, topped with a a Smoked Barbecue Sauce, Pickled Red Onion, Slaw, Pickles, and Harissa Aioli piled high in Toasted Challah.

Pop in your mouth bites start with matzoh balls that becomes Matzah Puppies – taking the quintessential Jewish dumpling and dipping it into a fryer. The crispy morsel gets a dash of Hot Honey, Pickled Red Onion, and Harissa Aioli. Gotta love Latkes – these potato pancakes get dosed with Roasted Garlic Aioli and Pickled Apples.

The beloved Babka has two spots on the menu, so that means it is something to pay attention to when ordering. The sweet, rich bread can be a shareable choice with the Apple Fritters – fried to a golden brown with Apple Compote Filling, Cinnamon and Powdered Sugar. Second selection does not have to be consumed all at once. And, the treat that keeps on giving – a full loaf of Chocolate Babka Bread.

You don’t have to be Jewish to partake in Hanukkah and you can dine with dishes that are deliciously indulgent. Fried food gives diners a good excuse to succumb to the pleasurable crispy tastes that honor the miracle of the temple oil. Seven choices of enticingly unique offerings on the Schmaltz Brothers Hanukkah Menu allows patrons to eat on the fly and experience a cuisine rich in culture and tradition.

Order online at Schmaltzbros.com and follow the Instagram @schmaltz.bros to see if they are in a neighborhood near you.”

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