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Anafre Transitions To Pizza Pop-Up on 14th Street “the seafood-heavy menu at Anafre doesn’t work as well for pandemic times”

Scuttlebutt confirmed. Check out the anafre_pizza_menu (PDF).

From a press release:

“Chef Alfredo Solis has transformed his critically acclaimed restaurant, Anafre, into a pizzeria serving up Mexican-inspired pizzas.

Like many restaurants in DC right now, Anafre must adapt to stay afloat. The Mexican street food at Solis’ other restaurants, Mezcalero and El Sol, has proven to be a comfort to residents in times of uncertainty, but the seafood-heavy menu at Anafre doesn’t work as well for pandemic times.

3704 14th Street, NW

That’s why Anafre is temporarily pivoting to pizza–a more portable, pandemic-friendly food. Anafre will be serving up its innovative Mexican-inspired pizza for the duration of the pandemic, along with a few favorites from its original concept. The pizza pop-up also gives Chef Solis the opportunity to showcase his cooking skills outside of the cuisine he grew up eating.

Anafre’s Pizza Pop-Up serves pizza with the chef’s spin on it. For example, guests can indulge in a Chile Relleno pizza made with blistered jalapeno, Oaxaca cheese, and drizzled with sour cream. Many Anafre favorites will also still be on the menu, such as their beloved seafood nachos.

Heriberto Casasanero has created signature cocktails that are available as for dine-in or bottled to go. One standout includes Autopista al Cielo, made with sotol, tequila or mezcal, ginger syrup, lime and pineapple.

“I love our concept at Anafre and we had so much great momentum before the pandemic, but it just isn’t as sustainable as our other restaurant concepts,” says Chef Solis. “In trying to see the brighter side of things, I’ve been wanting to spread my wings more and showcase some of the skills I’ve picked up along my chef journey. I’m proud to be a Mexican chef but that doesn’t mean I can only make Mexican food.”

Anafre will reopen when things are back to normal. But for now, Anafre’s Pizza Pop-Up
will be open Friday-Saturday from 11am-midnight and Sunday-Thursday 11am-10pm.
Indoor and outdoor seating are available first come, first serve. Order takeout online at Visit Anafre’s Pizza Pop-Up at 3704 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20010.”

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