Washington, DC

Thanks to all who passed on the letter from [solidcore]:

“To our valued DC [community],

As you know, we’ve adhered to local regulations and increased safety protocols since we re-opened our studios in June. We are proud that over the last six months of operating in studios all over the country, we haven’t had a single documented instance of COVID community spread within our spaces. Your safety always has been and continues to be our number one priority.

With the new Phase Two restrictions announced by Mayor Bowser, which allow traditional gyms to stay open, but require group classes to close, we have made the decision to stay open. We continue to adhere with all Phase Two safety measures such as capacity restrictions, mask requirements, and physical distancing.

We believe these mandates are important and work, which is why we haven’t had community spread in our studios.

Given that the city is allowing traditional gyms to remain open and maskless indoor dining to continue, there seems to be a misconception surrounding the way group exercise classes are currently being run. We and others are proactively reaching out to the Mayor and other city officials to engage in a dialogue about the safety of group fitness.

We and our team look forward to continuing to serve you and seeing you in the studio!

Anne Mahlum
Founder & CEO

Bryan Myers
President & COO”

See a brief clip of an interview here.


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