Washington, DC

But obviously this is not a year for celebration. This is a year of perseverance. There have been more ups and downs this year to last a lifetime. And obviously we are not out of the woods yet. PoPville has become a place where people come, especially in times of tumult and uncertainty, to find out what is going on in their neighborhoods. And that is because of the community as a whole. That is because of you. When folks come here and to our social media pages it is because you guys have reported what you are seeing. I simply amplify it. But together we get answers.

Together we also support each other when we are down. It’s been a tough year for “togetherness”. I hope we, our District, and our country are able to bridge some of the many divides that have erupted this year (and before.) I hope our 15th year is a year of healing, literally and figuratively. We do not celebrate this year because so many are hurting, some are still dying. People are angry and rightfully so. I try to find the positive as often as possible but I will not ignore the negative. I only hope that 2021 becomes the year we start turning the tanker. I hope 2021 is the beginning of genuine action and ultimately healing. I hope 2021 eventually becomes a year of celebration. But until then we must remember to wear a mask, we must remember that Black Lives Matter and we must remember to vote.

With deepest sincerity, thank you for being a part of PoPville, thank you for persevering with us. Thank you for making it all possible.


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