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Fundraiser for Bystander Shot in Brightwood Park Drive-By 7:50pm Monday Night

via GoFundMe

From GoFundMe:

“Nikki is not one to ask for help, she didn’t ask me to set this up. I WANTED to do it so she wouldn’t have to worry… And be able to recover with some peace of mind.

Last night (11/09/20) she was injured in a drive by shooting on her block. She was standing with her husband Andrew, their dog Ruby and a neighbor friend. They were discussing how in the recent weeks they have been noticing how the neighborhood was starting to get a little worse with the gunfire. As they were standing there, they heard lots of loud popping, they all fell to the ground and as Andrew looked up he saw a guy out the window of a car with a gun.

Nikki was shot in her right arm.. Her tattooing arm. We won’t know the outcome until she gets out of surgery today – she went in at 11am (11/10/20). All she kept telling me when I spoke to her was that she was scared and so worried about NOT being able to tattoo and work again. That it looked really bad.

I will always try to be optimistic in every situation I can be, so I KNOW Nikki will fully recover and she’ll be better than ever… BUT I know it will take a while for her to do that.

That’s where you guys come in and can help..

As you know Covid hit everyone hard in the beginning of the year and Nikki was out of work for about 3-4 months. In that time she used a lot of her savings- all while trying to do commission art work. Then when the tattoo shops were allowed to open back up she was able to get back to work, but during her time in covid- she realized she wanted to make more of a name for herself and open her own little studio… Be her own boss.

That’s when the idea of Lucky Duck Tattoo was born! She has such an amazing clientele that she always talks about and if you see her posts you know how much she loves her job.. She is one talented Woman! Tattooing has been her passion since I could remember. I remember going to visit her when she was doing the counter work in China Town and when she started tattooing herself and anyone who would let her in her Astoria NY apartment.

But that’s where the downside of being in the profession she is in. Her arm is her livelihood. I want Nikki to know she doesn’t have to worry about finances or about her shop… I KNOW as her clientele and FRIENDS you will want her to be able to continue her dream without worrying about it while she is fighting to get back to 100%

SO, PLEASE…. PLEASE PLEASE…. Donate whatever you can… Help her with some peace of mind during her recovery. We won’t know how long she will be out of commission but I will update when I have word. I will let you all know her progress.. UPDATE MINIMUM 10 MONTHS for recovery

Nikki went into surgery as of 11am this morning (11/10/20) We won’t know more until she’s out and Andrew speaks to her doctors.

So I’m asking in lieu of flowers or get well balloons or gifts please donate to her fund. I told her this morning I was going to be doing this for her- but I found out that her phone was taken away so they could prep her for surgery (we thought it wasn’t going to be until tomorrow) so I don’t really know if she wanted anyone to know just yet, BUT I dont care… I want her to know that people care… That people will help her. And I know you will!!

Even if it’s $1! ANYTHING is helpful….

Also Please give Nikki the next few days some space as I’m sure she will be overwhelmed with recovery from surgery and dealing with the pain and mental anguish she is feeling.

If you have her brother, Blaise’s or parent’s number or Andrew’s number you can message them for updates or you can message me Janis here for updates. I will also be updating this site as well as soon as I know more.

Thank you for your love and support for our Nikki.. Let’s give her the peace of mind knowing she can recover and not worry about the future of her Shop. That we will ALWAYS be there to support her.”

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