Washington, DC

Photo by Lindsey Robinett

Important question from diaisms last night:

“where can I get a really bomb waffle (I like them with little to no crunch) on a weekday in DC?”

Some early responses:

“Belga Cafe”

“I think we have different definitions of what would be a bomb waffle, but Lincoln Waffle Shop and Florida Ave Grill both have excellent waffles.”

“jimmy t’s place.

serving beautiful pumpkin waffles on cap hill since 1969”

“Bread and water company. The absolutely best.”

“Heat Da Spot Cafe”

“Farmers fishers bakers had the best pancakes I’ve ever had in DC so prolly has good waffles 2”

“Wicked Waffle on I St NW”

“Tryst on 18th and Columbia”

“Wicked Waffle is 100”


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