Washington, DC

Photo by C JRCook

K writes over the weekend:

“I am LITERALLY looking as my stolen bike for sale on OfferUp. Police say they’ll respond within 48hrs. Any suggestions?”

Some initial responses:

“Setup a buy in 2 days”

“Post the link! We will all harass them and buy you time (if you want)”

“Offer to buy and meet.
Find a cop chillin in their car and have them on standby around the corner. You also might want to have proof that it’s your bike. Otherwise it’ll be a he said, she said”

“Offer to buy it. Ask to take it in a test drive where you ride it a few blocks to a car waiting. Then text the buyer, thanks for my bike back. The cops will be in touch.”

“Offer to buy it and have the police meet you at the buy.”


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