Washington, DC

Ed. Note: If this was a “DC Slow Street, please note that local traffic (IE if you live on the street) is still allowed but the speed limit is set at 15 miles per hour.

“Dear PoPville,

After returning home by car running an errand, my car was blocked from entering my own residential block from an intersection by an aggressively righteous runner. Mind you, he was running against traffic in the oncoming lane, on the street, while not a soul was present on the sidewalk. The man was principled – he literally stood his ground in front of my car by refusing to move, and enthusiastically demanded that I back into the intersection to enter through the oncoming lane where other cars were moving.

He pronounced that the block is “no through traffic”, not that the side of the block where I entered showed any such signs. No vehicle behind my car was not allowed to proceed either, and my car ended up blocking the busy 16th st when lights changed. Fellow residents, the new DC “no through traffic” sighs are aimed at providing everyone with more safety, not at endangering other traffic participants including me and the said runner, and most certainly not at turning civilians into traffic vigilantes. With Halloween coming, play your inner traffic policemen by dressing up and waving your batons in front of you friends and family, but please leave others alone.”


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