Washington, DC

The Gibson (left) Marvin (right) 2007 14th Street, NW just north of U Street

Thanks to all who passed on this awful coronaville massacre news (will closefor the foreseeable future on Halloween“) from the Washington CityPaper:

“Eric and Ian Hilton say they fought for six months to keep American Ice Company, The Brixton, Echo Park, El Rey, The Gibson, Marvin, and Players Club running through the COVID-19 pandemic, but ultimately couldn’t.”

Out of the seven which hurts the most?

Full statement from Ian Hilton on twitter:

Photos of all the spots:

American Ice Company 917 V Street, NW

The Brixton 9th and U Street, NW

Echo Park 2014 9th Street, NW

El Rey 919 U Street, NW

Players Club 14th and Rhode Island Ave, NW


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