Washington, DC

212 7th Street, SE

Ed. Note: Last week learned that Ghibellina, formerly on 14th Street, NW had moved to Ivy City.

Thanks to Beth for passing on “I just saw this on their website – SO SAD. I think we knew this was going to happen but still it hurts!”:

“Dear Acqua al 2 family, friends and neighbors:

It is with a heavy heart that we have had to close Acqua al 2 at our Capital Hill location in Washington, DC. It has been a true joy serving you all and getting to know you for the last 10 years.

We are, however, excited to announce that we have found a way to keep the spirit of Acqua al 2 in the neighborhood though the Acqua al 2 Sauce Shop!

Acqua al 2’s authentic Italian pasta sauces and some of our house favorites will soon be available to bring home with you to make the Italian meal you have been craving.

Please join our mailing list to receive more information as we get closer to opening our new shop.”


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