Washington, DC

Ed. Note: We spoke about a similar situation in the beginning of June but things appears to have worsened as I continue to get many queries similar to the one below.

“Dear PoPville,

My partner recently purchased a used motorcycle from an individual and is now trying to get it registered. DC DMV is saying they are operating on an appointment only basis, but appointments are not available until December. We called 311 and connected us to the DMV who informed us our only options are to make sure to park the vehicle not on a public road and to keep checking the system for canceled appointments.

We asked about how to get temporary tags so he can drive it to work (he bought it with intentions of being his primary vehicle) and they said we would have to make an appointment for that as well.

Does the PoPville community have any other suggestions? I can’t imagine we’re the only ones who bought a used vehicle not from a dealership during this time. Should I write “appointment at DMV in December” on a piece of paper and stick it on the back of the bike? Should we attempt to walk up to a DMV? Or are we really supposed to keep refreshing the appointment system hoping for a cancellation? (Also is there even any incentive for cancelling an appointment as opposed to not showing?)

Please help!!”


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