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“Attempted Break-in at 11am on a Saturday morning in Park View”

“Dear PoPville,

I thought I would share a pretty brazen and disturbing incident that happened to me at my house this weekend. If for nothing else – just to make sure people are being aware and safe.

Yesterday morning (Saturday), I was in my backyard sanding my deck. I have one of those roll up garage doors, which was shut, and a 6ft tall fence on both side of my yard, which backs up at an alley. So its not easy to get in there. Its 11am and I was cleaning up the sandpaper getting ready to stain the deck when, even though I had headphones in, I heard the garage door shake. I turned around and there was a man standing in my backyard. He looked pretty messed up…didnt seem with it, and was staring at me blankly. I stood up, and told him to get the hell out of my yard. He didnt move, and then started coming towards me. I went into my house, and locked the door. It was a sliding glass door, so I can still see what is happening. I called 911, as he walked towards the door and started to attempt to break into my house. He was shaking the handle – shouldering the door. All right in front of my face.

I am a bigger guy, and he probably weighed 60 pounds less than me – but he was undeterred. I gave the description and waited for units to arrive – could have been nicer to the dispatcher, but ya know, tough situation. I sat there for 5-6 minutes staring at this man furiously trying to break into my house. He kept saying, “Give me back whats mine.” and “You have something of mine.” He then walked to the downstairs door at my basement and did the same. I sprinted downstairs and again told him to get the fuck out of my yard. He walked up the stairs and started trying to get into my sliding door again. Finally – he half wiped his prints off the door and started to climb out of my yard. I continued to give the lookout and last known direction of travel. Once I saw him walking north, I ran out my front door to follow him. This is right when the units arrived. They went and stopped him a block or two north of my house. Never saw this guy before. Hope to never see him again…

So that part is disturbing – and I want people to be careful – but I was also very disappointed in the police officers. I know its pile on the police time – but they were very flippant. And even though they were pleasant – took my statement, etc. I left and called my wife and let her know that while I was outside, where my 3 year old daughter spends a lot of time at that EXACT time – a person jumped our fence and tried to break into our house. After I was done talking with her, I walked up to the officer and she gave me the card with numbers drawn. And I asked what did they draw numbers for…she said injured person to the hospital…

Ok – I get it. I really do. This individual was extremely messed up and I know there is a gap in the system where this guy isnt an arch criminal and has mental health issues and should have gotten help a long time ago. I am sensitive to that. BUT…this is a guy who has dozens of arrests. Lots of drug charges…CPWL and he is going to be walking around like today. I told the officer this – and that he would be out in an hour, and she said “Yeah…probably, but what are we supposed to do? We didnt know his intent.”. This man furiously attempted to break into my house – and the officers never even came to my house or anything. And to not draw numbers for attempted Burglary I is pretty insulting – and obvious stat juking. I know he was messed up – but if I got messed and got in my car and ran into someone – Im guessing I would be held accountable.

I watched this man…who was clearly sick…attempt to break into my home repeatedly and tried to use multiple entrances. And they draw numbers for injured person? I get he probably needs help – but an individual with a significant amount of arrests who tried to break into a home – he needs to be held accountable.

Everyone be careful – this guy is still out there!”

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