Washington, DC

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Ed. Note: Yesterday there were 8,110 total positives.

From the Mayor’s Office:

“The District’s reported data for Sunday, May 25, 2020 includes 115 new positive coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, bringing the District’s overall positive case total to 8,225.

The District reported eight additional COVID-19 related deaths:

· 65-year-old male
· 69-year-old male
· 73-year-old male
· 77-year-old female
· 79-year-old male
· 79-year-old female
· 82-year-old male
· 87-year-old female

Tragically, 440 District residents have lost their lives due to COVID-19.

Visit coronavirus.dc.gov/data for interactive data dashboards or to download COVID-19 data. The District’s reported testing data on the website has been updated to reflect the total tests overall for residents and the number of residents tested within DC and outside of DC.

· Total Tests Overall: 40,803

· Total Number of DC Residents Tested: 34,194

The District has reached 12 days of sustained decrease in community spread of COVID-19. That data is represented in the chart below.”

Ed. Note: For a deeper dive into the neighborhood data see today’s analysis by Molly Tolzmann here


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