Washington, DC

Update from MPD:

“On May 28, 2020, at approximately 4:10 PM an adult male was walking in the 1500 block of Meridian Pl, NW when Suspects 1,2, and 3 ran eastbound down the northern sidewalk firing multiple times at the victim.

The victim was treated at a local area hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Suspects 1,2, and 3 got into the suspect’s vehicle and fled north on 16th St, NW.

The suspect’s descriptions are as follows:

Suspect-1: B/M, thin, Grey hoodie, jeans, white shoes

Suspect-2: B/M, heavier set, black top, jeans, black shoes

Suspect-3: B/M, White sweat top, dark pants, white shoes

Suspect-4: Unknown getaway driver

Suspect’s vehicle: grey 4 door sedan last seen on 16th St, NW, north from Meridian Pl, NW

This case is under investigation by the Fourth District Detectives Office. If you have any information please contact 202-727-9099.”

Update from MPD:

“Alert: Shooting , 1500 block of Meridian Pl NW. Lookout for a black male, red hoody, black jeans, blue shoes”

Thanks to Aliyah for sending at 4:23pm: “sounded like gunshots fired in Columbia Heights, 16th St NW and Meridian Place”

April reports: “Sounded like 7 gunshots in Columbia Heights about ten minutes ago. Perhaps 16th and Meridian Pl?”

Alex reports: “another broad daylight shooting on Meridian Place NW. Four shots and bystanders walking on the opposite side of the street. This has to end.”


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