Washington, DC

Thanks to Deborah for sending her great work above: “Here are a bunch of masks I made on my sewing machine using the New York Times pattern.”

On Friday we spoke about where folks were getting their masks. For folks who were making them on their own I asked if they’d send us some of their goods. Boy did you answer. Have a gander and the many many more examples below:

Thanks to Melissa for sending her work above: “I made masks for friends, family and donations after watching a tutorial on YouTube. I modified the pocket a little bit, so it overlaps on the ends, and I used copper wire, because it doesn’t rust. You have to be able to sew to make these, but they are pretty easy. I am almost done with 50 masks I started on Sunday that are earmarked for donation.”

Thanks to Jessica for sending her great work above: “Stitch & Rivet – posted a great tutorial on mask making with hand stitching for people who don’t have sewing machine access. I made these using her pattern and adding a pipe cleaner across the top to help it form to the nose and keep glasses from fogging. I also did ear loops from strips cut from an old T-shirt instead of tiebacks.”

Thanks to Molly for sending her great work above: “I just made my own mask using fabric I acquired during my Peace Corps Service in Ghana.”

Thanks to Rhianna for sending her great work above: “We created some fabric masks for our household with this pattern. Requires a sewing machine but if you don’t have a printer (like us) you can trace out the pattern shapes using the grid they provide. Only adaptation we made was sewing two twist ties into the nose area so that it pinches to the bridge of the nose easier. The ear elastics are cut up stretchy headbands since elastic is hard to find.”

Thanks to Jorge for sending the great work of his mother above: “Pattern courtesy of my mother, Leonor Castro. She’s a master seamstress (as a hobby, self-taught in Peru). She’s been wanting to be helpful during this pandemic, so she is sewing face masks for family and friends. Notice the hearts.”

Thanks to Jenny for sending her awesomeness above: “We made masks of people wearing masks!”

Thanks to Ashley for sending her awesomeness above: “Thought you might enjoy this photo of Rupert the cat and me. We purchased a matching mask and a bow tie set from Winthrop Clothing co., local online DC shop run by Nia-col Lee.”

Thanks to Sola for sending her awesomeness above: “I am a vendor at Eastern Market, although, it’s on hiatus for arts and crafts vendors, right now. I am attaching some photos of my work.”

Thanks to Marie for sending her great work above.

Thanks to Alis for sending her mom’s great work above: “My mom (maral.darakjian(at)gmail.com) is a tailor in California. She has shifted to making masks since her regular businesses has come to a standstill.”

Thanks to Beth for sending her awesomeness above: “The New York Times has two free patterns.”

Thanks to Sarah for sending her great work above: “I’m a quilter and I making abs selling them. Let me know if you are interested. $15 each. sarahgmraz(at)hotmail.com”

Thanks to Nora for sending her awesomeness above: “had to hand sew, used a pillowcase and some instructions from the internet that I modified–then got some textile paint to make the distinctive X”

Thanks to John for sending his awesomeness above.

Thanks to Gretta for sending her awesomeness above.


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