Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Robert Lintott

Thanks to Mary for sending: “My son is in 5th grade and one of his remote schooling assignments was writing a poem. He came up with this gem that I think we can all feel the feels with.”

I wish I could play,
On this bright sunny day.
Won’t this coronavirus,
Just go away.

I wish I was out,
Playing with my friend.
Why won’t those doctors.
Make Covid-19 end.

I have to admit it,
I am missing school,
When will the day come,
Where I can jump in the pool.

I hate this a lot,
And I bet you do too,
There has to be a 6-foot distance,
Between me and you.

Thank you for listening,
I now say “Goodbye”
Will this be over,
By the 4th of July?

-Sebastian, 5th Grade, John Eaton Elementary School”


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