Washington, DC

Longtime readers of the site know my affinity for fish so this one hits home – thanks to Patricia for passing on from Penn Quarter Teaism:

“Well friends… wanted to do a live video but wasn’t sure how to do it on Facebook and Instagram at the same time. If you’re stuck at home with kids who normally like to come watch the fish, you can entertain them with this.

An ask: We cannot now afford the $600 fee to regularly maintain this pond. We adopted these fish when they needed a safe place but now we aren’t sure what’s next. PLEASE help us find a good home for these fish that our whole team and so many of you love so much. Ideally a large indoor pond as the largest koi has been indoors all of its life. If you have ideas please email [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] all together for ease of communication and coordination. Thank you everyone for all your kind words and online orders so far.”


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