Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Free Tutoring: We Want to Give Back

We are DC twins who are juniors in high school. We know that schooling is an issue right now, and since we have some extra time, we’re volunteering to tutor DMV area kids and/or provide homework assistance. Of course, we won’t be able to help every child, but we want to do our part during these crazy times.

For younger kids, we can help with basic reading, math, etc. For older kids (middle school), we can help with basic to intermediate chemistry and math (pre-algebra, algebra2, and pre-calculus). We’re currently taking AP chemistry and calculus but we haven’t finished the curriculum yet. We can try our best to tutor that level of math/chemistry but we have a stronger grip on the earlier course material.

Obviously, tutoring in person is not a viable option given social distancing. But we are willing to work with students however they prefer, whether it’s FaceTime, Zoom, a phone call, or just pictures of homework sent in an email.

If your kids need a little help, or you need a break because you’re working at home and can’t always help your kids when they need, feel free to contact us. We have been a part of a tutoring group at our high school, and since we can’t do that now with the pandemic, we thought we would see if anyone in our community could use us. Again, there will be no charge. We just want to do something useful with our time.

We created a special email address specifically for people to contact us about this: [email protected]

Hope everyone stays safe!”


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