Washington, DC

Thanks to Hilary for passing on this excellent idea by Kelly Carnes on Etsy:

“José Andrés is a goddamn hero.

This selfless Chef has become not just a first-responder, but the first-responder. Commonly on the front-lines, and constantly putting other’s needs at the forefront, he’s given so much to make sure people who are suffering through a crisis can eat.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, he famously quipped, “My city will be fed” which inspired this prayer candle, which pays homage to this patron saint of the caronapocalypse.

The thing is, COVID-19 wont stop at our city, or any city…it’s a global public health emergency that is steamrolling our economy, making it increasingly difficult for people across the world to buy food. Andrés’ rapidly expanding World Central Kitchen, is already distributing meals in low-income neighborhoods in New York and monitoring the globe for other food shortages.

Lets help him.

100% of the profits from these candles will be donated to World Central Kitchen! Thanks for your support!”


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