Washington, DC

4800 block 10th St NE Photo by DC Fire & EMS

From DC Fire & EMS:

“The fire in the 4800 block of 10th St NE was discovered by one of our units enroute to obtain fuel. They saw smoke in the area and upon investigation found the home on fire & radioed for assistance. No 911 calls were received prior.

No smoke detectors found in home where the fatal fire occurred in the 4800 block 10th St NE. If you are a DC resident, live in your home, and need a smoke alarm, or know somebody who does, please call 311 to have 1 installed. Your life may depend upon it!

Both DC fire deaths this year have been senior citizens. The elderly often fall victim to home fires. If you have a senior family member, friend, or neighbor living at home, please check to see if they have working smoke alarms. If needed, call 311 to have one installed.


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