Washington, DC

Bryan reports:

“I was walking past the little funeral home at 6th and Florida last night and noticed the beautiful stairs had been damaged pretty badly. I can’t figure out how exactly because there are light posts in the way, but it appears that a car wrecked into the stairs and did quite a number on them. There was still a piece of the headlight sitting on the step and the tree across the sidewalk had an big gash in it but I cannot figure out how a car got in there from the street without hitting the light post in the way.

[Update photos of the crash added!]

Just a note. There also appears to be an asbestos abatement going on inside the building based on the sign in the window.”

Thanks to Johnny for sending: “Have a couple of pics a friend snapped of that accident on Florida Ave where the car plowed into the steps. Sadly looks like DC tags.”


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