Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

My dog (Fern) was attacked by a very large Husky/Malamut named “Romeo” in Glover Park on Saturday.

Romeo, apparently, has attacked multiple dogs at dog parks in Glover Park and Palisades. I found this out at the Vet where Fern is getting stitched up and has a skull crack/fracture.

Other patrons asked what happened and when I said, “this huge husky named Romeo mounted and attacked Fern,” they said they had either seen this dog before or had heard from other dog owners at parks about the dog’s aggression.

Please let folks in Georgetown, Palisades, Glover Park, Friendship Heights, etc know to be on the lookout for a large, un-neutered Husky/Malamut.

DC Animal Control and Humane Society are trying to locate Romeo and his Owner right now.

Fern is recovering well but may have to get a surgical consult for a puncture fracture in his skull.”


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