Washington, DC

From Cracked Eggery:

“We are beyond pumped to launch this truck on NYE! Our 24hr store announcement is coming soon which will be our first location. Our customers have been begging us to sell more often so we felt it was the right time to launch a food truck even with the brick and mortar on the horizon. We will have a regular schedule for the truck of mornings as well as late nights coming soon. Instagram and Twitter will be the best source for truck updates @crackedeggery”

Check out the menu for tonight:

Menu for NYE.

The Mayor $10
Cracked Bacon, scrambled egg, American/cheddar, Cracked Sauce

Abe Froman $10
Sausage, scrambled egg, American/cheddar, Cracked sauce

Green Eggs No Ham $10
Scrambled egg, chives, goat cheese, tomatillo salsa

Tater tots

Compass coffee, hot and nitro cold brew.


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