Washington, DC

730 Maine Ave, SW via Facebook

Ed. Note: Back in 2017 District Hardware and Bike moved from Foggy Bottom to The Wharf.

Thanks to all who messaged us the sad news. From District Hardware and Bike | The Velo Cafe:

“To our friends, family and neighbors,

With heavy hearts it saddens us to inform you all that as of this Sunday, December 1st at 5pm, District Hardware and Bike will be permanently closed for business. For 50 years we’ve operated District Hardware and Bike as an independent, family owned small business, and have done our best to bring a unique, neighborhood-focused concept to fruition. Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out the way we thought or planned, and we are unable to continue operating.

We want to thank you for welcoming us as a part of the neighborhood and taking part in the concept we developed here at the Wharf. We were truly blessed and honored to have had such an incredible group of customers and neighbors and we couldn’t have gone as long as we have without each and every one of you.

Thank you For any repairs, special orders, or the like, we will contact you directly.”

Ed. Note: Other bike stores that have closed the last few years include The Bike Rack’s Brookland location and BicycleSpace in Adams Morgan and on K Street.


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