Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Phil

“Dear PoPville,

does anyone know where can I recycle/responsibly dispose of old clothes and textiles that are no longer in a wearable/usable condition?

I know H&M does a recycling program, however, I don’t have a car, and after I do a large purge, I’\ll end up with multiple garbage bags of stuff that has essentially become rags. So, not ideal to hop into an Uber and dump them at H&M. I was just curious if anyone knew of any other organizations who offer textile recycling, espeicaly if any offer pick up services. Right now I’ve got a pile of stuff shoved in a corner of my apt because I would really like to avoid just throwing it all in the trash and letting it go straight into the landfill.

Speaking of rags, I am sure some helpful commenter will tell me to just keep all this old s**t and turn it all into rags, However, much like many of my fellow DC residents, I live in about 500 sq. ft. of space and don’t have the room to store 10 lbs of dishrags!

Any suggestions at all would be most helpful. Thanks!”


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