Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Elvert Barnes

Jon writes:

“I was on the Metro today (Weds., 11/20 @ 7:05 pm) and locked eyes with a very handsome guy. I got on the Metro around 7 pm at Dupont and he was looking at me through the train window as I entered the train. When I entered the train, I ended up sitting near him, but not right next to him. Again, we locked eyes.

When he got off the Metro at Chinatown, we both did a double take and locked eyes again. The train left the platform and I regretted not sitting next to him or talking. He had a sharp fade, light/medium skin complexion and was wearing an athletic jacket, khaki colored athletic pants and Nike athletic shoes. I should have sat next to him and sparked a conversation but was a little struck by the moment. Help me find this handsome guy.”

Ed. Note: If this is you – please email [email protected] and I’ll connect you with OP.


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