Washington, DC

1100 H Street, NE

Thanks to Grant for sending. Jerk at Nite’s website says:

“When the late night options on Howard University’s campus failed to meet the authentic food cravings of students during late nite rendezvous’ to the library, all niters on papers and projects, and college activities long and short and far in-between, Jerk At Nite stepped in to help satisfy that hunger pain. We strongly believe that pizza, fast food and late night chinese food packed with preservatives and MSG should not be our only late night food option as we recognize the importance of a strong immune system and properly bodily detox. With a focus on hearty, affordable, and original Jamaican-infused treats with an exotic mix of Mexican and American soul, Jerk At Nite created an avenue within the community by bringing people a healthy late night food option.

Check out their menu here and stay tuned for an opening date.


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