Washington, DC

JD reported around 11:30am:

“just saw about 8 kids chase a man through the street and jump him on 14th NW & Columbia around the 7-11. With all the people running, I thought it was another shooting. But then I noticed they were all laughing and smiling.
They caught up to him started kicking & punching him for a few secs then ran to the opposite corner and were just laughing about it. The guy got up and was able to walk away. No cops in sight, despite what seems to happen on that corner every god damn day.

The man was in his late 40s to mid 50s. Maybe homeless? I saw him yesterday as well at the 7-11 further up 14th, across from Taqueria Habenero, but haven’t noticed this particular guy in the neighborhood before. It didn’t look like a robbery.

When I noticed something happening, they were all already chasing him around cars in the middle of the street. [police were called.]

The craziest thing to me what how much fun the kids seemed to be having. They all looked about high school age, just having a blast trying to chase and beat up this poor dude. They didn’t even run far away when they were done. Just regrouped at the opposite corner.”


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