Washington, DC

Jeni reports:

“This incident happened Sunday at 4.55pm in Shaw. We were walking down S street toward 7th street when a guy emerged from the alley, walking at an odd pace and kind of spaced out (I assumed from the heat) and we let him pass us since we had both dog and stroller so we’re taking up real estate. Just as he passed us two young men crossed the street, and one of them pulled out a gun with an augmented clip. By the time we processed what was happening, the other guy had stopped so was now just behind us leaving us between him and the gun. Thankfully they two guys didn’t care that we were there and walked straight up to him and held the gun to his head, so we ran around the corner while calling the police and warning others not to turn the corner.

I understand that this happens, but I don’t accept that the lack of police response allows this to happen so openly and frequently with the perpetrators knowing that there will likely be no consequence. At the very least wait until the stroller has passed so you aren’t holding a gun inches from a babies head. And yet the police are fighting a war they can’t win because the city isn’t willing to admit they have a problem and the Peter Newsham only cares about optics.”


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