Washington, DC

14th Street between Irving and Park Road, NW

“Dear PoPville,

On DC USA’s operator’s site, it shows a picture of a “proposed storefront redesign”, which seems designed to cater to a more upscale set of retailers, such as those selling… penny farthing bicycles. [Ed. Note: See far right hand side of rendering above.]

It looks like it’s dated from December 2018, Do you know anything about this?

Since this has been up, DC USA has lost two more tenants (Panera and Payless), and has over ten vacancies on the first floor.

Granted, given that big box stores and shopping malls are about the last things that people think about today as neighborhood anchors, but it’s always struck me by how bland and suburban the stores at DC USA are. It looks like it has at least a half-assed plan to attract more interesting tenants.”


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