Washington, DC

7th and E Street, NW

Bakers & Baristas opened here back in January 2015. A liquor license placard for Bakers & Barristas posted out front now says:

“A new D Restaurant serving pastries and sandwiches. Seating Capacity of 36 and Total Occupancy Load of 36. The Restaurant will include an Entertainment Endorsement.”

Vivi’s Facebook says:

“Think you know all there is to know about pizza? Be ready for a delicious surprise!

Roman-style pizza al taglio uses dough that is cold fermented for at least three days, which allows the development of the a light and airy crust with a delicious crunch on the bottom. Meaning “by the cut”, pizza al taglio is served as long rectangle slices, topped with fresh seasonal ingredients. Pizza Roma is definitely not the pizza you’re used to!

Our previous incarnation as Bakers & Baristas will live on! We will still be offering locally roasted Vigilante Coffee, with drip coffee and espresso beverages created by highly trained baristas using house made flavorings. All of your favorite hand crafted pastries will still be available: cinnamon rolls, croissants, muffins, scones, cookies…..you know your favorites!

Join us for our delicious evolution at Vivi!”


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