Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

People moved out of their house on 17th and Q, left this trash since late last week lying on the sidewalk. Do you know what actions we can/should take to get it removed?”

Another reader includes me on a note to their ANC:

“I’m not 100% sure what is going on here, but there has been this disastrous mess outside of the 1500 Block of 17th Street, NW since Thursday! Garbage is literally tossed to the street corner (please see above) probably with the hope that the city will clean it up, which isn’t fair! I’m sure the DC rat population is having a field day with this heaven of fiflth. I live right around the corner and I’ve seen a number of men probably in their late-20’s / early-30’s who periodically party inside and outside of the house. I could care less about that, but what I do care about is this current situation and the fact that they think someone else will come by and clean it up!”

Ed. Note: The ANC promptly replied that they would “engage the DPW inspector”.


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