Washington, DC

1330 19th Street, NW

Ed. Note: Shop Made In DC just opened a Georgetown location over the weekend and they also have a location at the Wharf in SW Waterfront. They also run the DC History store in the Carnegie Library (colocated with the new Apple store.)

From Shop Made in DC:

“As you know, the lease for our beloved Dupont space is ending on August 31. We are sad to have to leave, but the building is under new ownership and will be in renovation mode for the next year. As much as we have loved our time we are also ready for new adventures.

Up until last week we thought we were moving North of Dupont Circle. On Friday morning, after 2 months of negotiations and planning (on the day we were set to sign) we lost the lease to our new Dupont location.

Our goal is still to relocated Dupont and we need your help. Our mission is built on the concept that we are stronger together so it seemed silly to hold this information and burden in confidence. We need your help.

We are seeking a new space to move our Dupont home.

We need your knowledge and contacts.
Our wants and needs can be flexible as our model allows us to adapt to space — here are some facts to help you help us.

+ We would like to remain in Dupont but are open to hearing about other high-traffic spaces.

+ This space could be with or without a cafe (the lease we lost was retail-only).

+ If retail only the ideal space is 1800 SQFT and with cafe is 3500 SQFT but would explore new possibilities if larger (smaller than 1600SQFT is not ideal).

+ Typically we have been signing percentage rent deals and are looking for shorter-terms (no more than 5 years, no less than 1 year). We are a profitable business that is open to more traditional situations if the time-frame can be flexible.

+In the movie version we re-open September 1 in new space but could be flexible as long as we get open by late Fall.

How can you help?
+ Leads

+ Introductions to people that you think might have leads or space.

Please send direct leads or introductions to Co-Founder and Chief Localist, Stacey Price at [email protected]

Please stay tuned for info regarding this move and parties/sales coordinated with it. Also, thanks for all of your support now and over the last 2 years. We would not be where we are without you. Additionally, shop your little heart out in Dupont until the 31st and at our other 2 locations at the Wharf and now Georgetown.

I believe together we can make anything happen- let’s turn our synergistic magic and create the most local space Dupont has ever seen!”


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