Washington, DC

14th and Park Road, NW. Photo by @SMOKExDUST just after 12pm

Update from MPD:

“Units from the Third District responded to the area of 14th and Park Road for a suspicious package that had been left in the area. The item turned out to be a suitcase that had no hazardous materials. Patrol and specialized units responded to the scene. There was no gunshots involved with this suspicious package and traffic has been re-opened.”

Update from Alert DC at 1:11pm: ” DC Police reports the police activity in the 3100 Block of 14th Street NW is clear and all associated road closure are open to traffic.”

Raja writes: “Apparently there were shots fired between a suspect and a police officer. There are K9 units there now Fwiw. 14th shut down from Irving to Monroe”

Alert DC reports:

“MPD reports the following road closures due to police activity: 1400 – 1500 blocks of Park Road NW; Northbound 14th Street and Irving Street NW and Southbound 14th Street and Monroe Street NW. Please use an alternate route.”

Updates as more is known.

Photo by @SMOKExDUST


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