Washington, DC

Photo via DC Fire and EMS

DC Fire and EMS first reported at 2:34pm:

“#DCsBravest on scene of a structural collapse in the 1300 block 13th St NW. PIO enroute and will provide more information upon arrival.”

One reader speculates it was related to the F-35 fly by that happened around 2pm:

“It was super loud and I’m also pretty sure that the vibrations it was giving off (every building was shaking) contributed to the building collapse at 13/N NW. The building there was already super fragile and didn’t seem well supported for construction, and this was just the thing to push it.”

“Update structural collapse 1300 block 13th St NW. Partial collapse 2nd floor rear 3 story row under renovation. #DCsBravest removed 1 worker. Transported serious but non-life threatening injuries. Search dog requested to confirm no further casualties. Adjacent house evacuated.”


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