Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user Bill Herndon

“Dear PoPville,

Last week, during a 30 min, 3 mile run with my dog, a man passing us from behind us kicked his leg out in a deliberate attempt to kick my dog when he thought I wasn’t looking in his direction and then gave a weird/creepy smile when he realized I was looking. (Where Florida and Sherman Ave merge)

Then about 10 min later on 14th Street, a young woman squatted down in front my my dog while we were waiting at a cross walk and then began jumping/lunging toward her and making noise in blatant attempt to scare her. (She’s obviously lucky that my dog didn’t bite her because that’s a recipe for a dog bite!)

I have taken my dog on countless walks/runs in these areas and never experienced this before. Anyone else experiencing this?!”


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