Washington, DC

Thanks to all who forwarded the petition from change.org by Ronald Moten and Dr. Natalie Hopkinson:

“The record store and cell phone carrier at the corner of Georgia and Florida Avenue NW (U Street) has been playing D.C’s indigenous Go-Go Music since the late 1990s. Neighbors in newly constructed condos across the street pressured the city and then T-mobile, to force the owners to stop playing the music.

Tell T-mobile, the city, and residents who don’t understand the cultural significance and history of go-go music in Washington, D.C. that this is unacceptable. Bring back the music!”

Sign here.

Dcist reported today:

“According to [store owner Donald] Campbell, the complaint came from a resident in The Shay, a nearby luxury mixed-use development. “We can’t confirm or deny that,” says the person who answered the phone at The Shay’s office, and declined to provide their name. “There have been complaints about the music being extremely loud, but it’s not just The Shay. It’s people who live all over or are visiting the area. It’s not The Shay that has the issue.”

We briefly spoke about this corner and one further north near Kennedy back in 2008 and again in 2010. I and the majority strongly backed the playing of music at 7th and Florida:

“Whenever I pass that intersection, I put the windows down and it makes me happy. Gotta love the go-go. Keep it.”


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