Washington, DC

5504 Connecticut Ave, NW

Thanks to Stuart for passing on from the Chevy Chase listserv:

“I was in Pumpernickels/Arucolo (5534 Connecticut Avenue, NW) on Sunday morning – and go the skinny from the owner. They will be going to online sales only as of April 1. They plan to do baking and preperation offsite – and then use the various food delivery services available (uber eats etc.) Apparently Arucolo is also leaving.”

Pumpernickel’s twitter has a post on December 10th 2018 saying “PUMPERNICKEL’S IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED.” However there is a yelp review from February that says:

“Was glad to find out that this shop is not closed but joined with the restaurant Arucola so you can still get bagels there at a makeshift counter in the back of the dining room (hours are 7:30-8 am to 2 pm daily).

What they have here are *real* bagels, with a hard chewy crust and soft chewy center (all the usual flavors plus some – poppy, onion, blueberry etc). Size is perfect, not too big and not too small. From a quality stand point – if you want authentic bagels and not just slightly tougher bread with a hole in the middle – these are probably the best versions within a 2.5 mile radius, although at $1.60 each also a bit pricier than several other places in the area. Also, if paying by credit card there is a surcharge – not sure if it’s a percentage or flat fee – for half doz bagels it’s $0.42.”

Updates as more is known.

5534 Connecticut Ave, NW


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