Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I saw the next bus post and it came to mind this morning on my commute to work. There’s a great app called Transit that I don’t think has been mentioned on your site. It’s main feature is the ability to plan a commute and see all the possible options available to you, from scooters and bikes to buses, trains, and ubers.

If you take public transportation, once you get onto the bus it will track your location and use that to update the location of the bus in its app. You sacrifice a few MBs of data, but you get to see how many people you help know where the bus is. I frequently use the app and let it use my location to help others with the commute and I think it would be great if your readers knew about it so that they could pitch in too. This way we don’t have to rely on WMATA for bus arrivals.”


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