Washington, DC

A few recent emails:

“I’m missing a package that says delivered. I was home and sure the mailman put it at the wrong door. Can we remind neighbors this holiday season to have a heart. If it’s delivered a street over just throw it on the right porch. mine is only worth 23 bucks but it’s a hassle.”

“Columbia Heights / Mount Pleasant Package Thief

No matter how small, please report package thefts to the police. I caught this individual trying to gain access to our building after successfully stealing packages the previous night. He had the nerve to show up in the exact same clothing. The police said they couldn’t do anything because a previous report hadn’t been made. They said the can only arrest on a second-sighting.”

“Just wanted to alert readers to a package thief who has been active in Columbia Heights this week, forcing his way into our building on both Tuesday and Thursday (we’re getting the door reinforced tomorrow, which hopefully prevent further such instances). Anyway, video from today’s break-in shows him arriving at our building already loaded with packages, so I’m sure others have been the victim of his activities as well. The police have already been contacted about this person, and I encourage others to do the same if they have any information.”

From MPD:

“Here are a few additional tips to prevent package thefts this season:

· Have the packages delivered to your workplace or redirected to your neighbor or relative’s house

· Use signature delivery confirmation options when ordering

· Leave specific instructions to the shipper on how you want your package delivered and where

· Pay extra for insurance coverage

· Have the packages delivered to shipping service site “Amazon Locker”

· Establish a “Neighborhood Watch Group” (The presence of neighbors watching may prevent thefts from occurring. Never engage a potential suspect. Be a good witness!!!)

· Pick up at your local post office

· Use the Doorman App (Private service wherein packages are delivered to a local Doorman warehouse. Doorman then notifies the user when it receives the users package via its smartphone app. When a user wants their package(s) delivered, he or she opens the app and schedules package delivery during the one or two-hour delivery window of their choice.)

· Post a warning sign (an ounce of prevention …!)

· Use UPS My Choice and FedEx Delivery Manager

· Keep a camera pointed at your porch (This will help prevent and/or assist with identifying the perpetrator(s)).”


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