Washington, DC

Dan Silverman: Citizen of the District of Columbia. Photo by Hugh Clarke

And they said I’d run out of things to post about. 12 years baby!! Holy mackerel time is freaking flying so let’s lift a few to celebrate what we’ve all built together. I think I’ve been saying this since the first anniversary party but I truly and wholly believe what Prince of Petworth/PoPville has become is a result of all the great people in the community who participate. I mean everyone. From the folks who lend a sympathetic ear in the rant/revel to folks who send tips, photos, questions, advice and concerns. YOU guys have enabled this place to not only last but to thrive for 12 years. 12 freaking years. Those are blogging years too – in calendar years that like 44.

And I pledge to you 18 more years. This past year I was approached by a very respectable and well known outfit to join their team. Heads on twitter would’ve exploded. It would’ve broken local twitter for sure. But you know what, I’ve never been about that. I’ve never been about puffing my chest out. Oh look at me, look who I work for. That’s not my style. I am validated by you guys just reading the site. So I thought about what it would be like working for someone else. And I thought about what would become of the community we have built. And I admit I considered it but was ultimately like, no, thank you, I’m good here. And I’m good here thanks to you guys. For the reasons stated above and also to those who have chosen to support PoPville financially. So let me make this my big annual plea – if you are able, and you want to ensure that the community we have built together continues and continues to thrive for the next 18 years – please, please, please give what you can to our Patreon. For those who offer to buy me a pint or two – well thank you because I LOVE beer but I’d be equally gratefully if you could support us this way too, every little bit helps. I believe our long term sustainability depends on it.

So mark you calendars – November 15th we shall toast at Solly’s on the corner of 11th and U Street, NW. I’ll be there (upstairs bar) around 6/6:30pm – 10:30/11pm. Hope you can stop by! Thanks for everything, for reading, for participating, for supporting and for being an essential part of this great adventure.


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