Washington, DC

courtesy DCCX

From an email:

DCCX is this weekend. All day Saturday and Sunday. 8:15am to 5pm. Pros race at 3:15 (women) and 4:125 (men) both days.

As always, spectating is free, and there are free kids’ races.

it’s a ~3km circuit with lots of loops, so racers pass by very frequently. With the food, beer, and action, I feel like it’s impossible not to have fun :) but, I may be biased… we also have had great luck with the weather every year, and it is looking nice again.
This video is a few years old, but a favorite of mine:

DCCX 2012 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

there will be food trucks present.

I know some locals enjoy the chance to get on the AFRH property- one important note that on DCCX weekend they want all spectators and racers to enter/exit at the Randolph st entrance, @ 324 Rock Creek Church Rd. There will be signs leading people to the parking area.”


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