Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

We live in Dupont. I can’t remember the last time anyone got a parking ticket, even when “creatively” parking, especially at 2:17am. The infraction just says “12 ft from stop sign.” Which I think means that even though there is no sign indicating that parking is prohibited, I should have known better than parking too close to a stop sign.

DC has done a great job of confusing the issue with inconsistent signs – or in my case no sign – over the years. It looks like the 25 feet from a stop sign rule is still on the books but is applied inconsistently.

Also, it’s not clear if it applies to both sides of the road where the stop sign is situated. So if you’re facing the stop sign (the right side of the road), the regulation says 25 feet, but if you’re on the opposite side or on a one-way street, does it apply?

Finally, does DC have parking enforcement personnel on duty for residential streets at 2:17am? The only tickets I’ve seen is on the days for street sweeping.”


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